Strategic & Tactical messages that will cut through the noise and shatter barriers.

Giving your company, or personal brand a voice in the ever changing communications world is more competitive than ever.  Mid size companies don’t want to hire CMO’s and PR professionals and yet they need and want the results – that is where we come into play.  Baran Strategy & Communications will help you create your cost effective marketing strategy, grow your social channel followers, and make you valuable and relevant to your customers.

Brands that get the integration of their communications efforts right understand that it must start with a single, unified message and approach. The message,
theme, and branding must remain perfectly consistent throughout all your communications efforts, both internal and external.

How did we learn this?

Through years of experience managing multi-faceted marketing and communications campaigns, across various industries and sectors. We have had seats at the Executive table, making internal communications decisions daily. We have watched political campaigns won and lost from a single message that either resonated for constituents or turned them off. We have managed multiple brands simultaneously, and single brands all with ease. We have watched customers and clients make life altering decisions to buy products that would literally change their lives. We have created messaging around some of the most complicated sets of events and managed “Damage Control” campaigns.

We are important partners to have in the good times to elevate your marketing, public relations, branding and internal communications, but we are vital partners
in the bad times as we help you navigate crisis communications and complicated messaging dilemmas. Our vast knowledge base of operations, communications,
and remaining within budget makes us the partners you want when you are choosing a way to have an “in-house CMO” feel without the price tag.